#NOTALLMEN by Peter Collins

To a shrine, lovingly made,

Another candlelit parade.

To honour the latest fallen One

In an endless quiet war.

Shocked and grieving once again,

“Why?” – we cry, but #notallmen.

“Must have cracked / misunderstood/

Can’t believe / such a good

Husband, father, teammate, son..

Totally out of character.”

Puzzled heads in hands again,

Weeping “Why?” but #notallmen.

Or “Don’t you dare say..” “What about?..”

“It was one of them!” – The shout

Of righteous anger and relief;

Meaning that the issue slides

Aside so we may shrug again.

Excused, are the #notallmen.

The show goes on, each day and night,

Safe at home or in plain sight,

Things keep getting said, and done,

Things on which we never dwell;

Just sigh, and ask “Why?” again;

Can’t keep count, but #notallmen.

© Peter Collins

Posted on March 13, 2019