The Dance by Annette Loughlin-Smith

The earth trembles

He cracks you open

She plants you in her fertile crust

The stars fall from the night sky

Beaming from his eyes, illuminating her soul

She sighs a gentle kiss on your face

His whip thrashes against your panes

She envelopes you in the ghostly silence of a thousand ship wrecks

He roars a crescendo of clashing cymbals

Did heaven fall onto earth or the earth rise to the heavens

Did they meet on the thin veil of dreams and far horizons

Did they entwine like lovers lost in their yearning for delight

On the rise and fall of breath

The ebb and flow of tide

At dusk and at dawn

Between the shadow of death and the promise of new life

Day burns with his fervent fire

Night bleeds with her blades of ice

Fate lets you sip from his chalice of tears

Destiny cradles you in the arms of her newborn song

Fear drills his piercing nails into your skull

Hope lulls you to sleep on her feathered wings

Time torments you with his relentless race

Serenity lets you lay in her fields with nowhere to go, nowhere to be

Rage rises crimson inside his veins, against your foe

Joy melts your resistance in the light of her flickering candle

Did he come to you broad and brazen

Did she come to you vulnerable and quiet

He to protect

Her to nurture

The sacred and the divine

In a delicious rhyme

Of light and dark

Day and night

Power and pause

Separate and distinct

Yet one

In the eternal dance

© Annette Loughlin-Smith

Posted on March 13, 2019