Unspoken Things by Gabrielle Journey Jones

There are unspoken things

Mostly silenced fears

Sometimes truth

That we are afraid of being perceived:

Anxious, overwhelmed, overprotective.

We dare not admit any of this to ourselves.

Therefore, these things can never be written

They can never be rehearsed or spoken

They remain consciously unknown.

There are unspoken things

Mostly heart sorrows

Sometimes truth

That we have endless words

In the shape of poems about.

Stashed in dark corners of our house

They surprise us when we forgetfully

Unearth them during annual clean outs.

But we cannot bring ourselves to read them

At least never, ever aloud.

There are unspoken things

Mostly personal trauma

Sometimes truth

That we doubt others can bear our telling.

We are continually unsure about permissions

In this society sick and swelling

Bloated with the stench of secrets

We are expected to leave unspoken.

© Gabrielle Journey Jones

Posted on February 27, 2019