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​An Ever-Changing Market

Think back to a time before Amazon and self-publishing. Imagine how many people wished they could publish a book but were locked out by agents and big publishers; all the kids, professionals, and elderly that never got to realise their dream of being an author.

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Poetry Circles Copy

Interview with Kathleen Bleakley

Kathleen Bleakley is a long-time South Coast Writers Centre member who runs the on-going Poetry Circle​ events ​at the Philanthropy Tribe. Steven Wain, writer and SCWC intern recently interviewed Kathleen about all things poetry.

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Erotic After Dark Course - Q&A with Cate Ellink

​Cate Ellink has been a South Coast Writers Centre member for several years, and we are excited to have her share her expertise in Erotic Writing. SCWC Director, Kirstin Bokor asked her some interesting questions in anticipation of her Erotic Writing Workshop Series.​

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