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Meet the Campions

Jenny Crocker talks about novel-writing as part of the collaborative fiction group, Alice Campion. Read on to get an insight into the world of writing with friends!

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Enough Said About Sara Saleh?

Amanda Craig talks to Sara Saleh, human rights activist and poet, about her life, art, spoken word poetry and her book, 'Wasting the Milk in the Summer'. Catch her here before you see her perform on Thursday!

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Soapbox Skills

"Get off your soapbox!" is probably something you won't hear at this great performance poetry workshop run by Gabe Journey Jones as part of Sydney Writers' Festival's Live and Local event. Check it out!

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Do You Want to Write for Kids?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Sandy will guide participants through creating a personal project plan for their path to publication, or for those already published, a plan to stay published.

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