Watching From the Shadows by Greg Tome

Watching From Shadows Cover

This is a considered, insightful book in which the poetry covers many aspects of the human condition, from the whimsical to the tragic, from music to nature, Anzac Day, war, school days, old age and much more. It takes us from the light and humorous onto vivid descriptions of new days dawning, old days dying, and changing seasons approaching.

Then there are poems of a darker and more contemplative nature, exploring old age, the folly of war and the death, darkness and pain left in its wake, poignant and thoroughly compelling poetry.

The poetry is always immediate and felt. The poet’s responses to the immediacy and intimacy of daily living are counterpoints to those poems in which he explores the pain of the human condition and, ultimately, indicate how the personal and communal are inextricably entwined.

The poet makes use of an extensive range of styles and approaches. His work is characterised by a keen eye for the unusual, by an unexpected turn of phrase and always by a sensitivity to the nuances of carving out an existence on this planet.

“Watching from the shadows displays a zest for life, a refined imagination, and an appreciation of the small, subtle, everyday beauty that manifest themselves around us. It hints at a life well-lived but also a life well pondered.” – Henry Arkwright               

Author: Greg Tome 

Greg Tome is a retired secondary school teacher who has resumed writing poetry seriously during his retirement. He is an active member of the Southern Highlands branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers and has written two novels, one self-published, the other waiting publication. He has also written eleven ten-minute plays that have been performed in Crash Test competitions held in Bundanoon under the auspices of Melting Pot Theatre.

Watching from the Shadows is published by Ginninderra Press and is available from Ginninderra Press, Amazon, Book Depository and from The Bookshop, Bowral.

Posted on November 02, 2017