A Pocket Full of Days – Part 1 by Mike Cavanagh

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When Mike begins a relationship with a young woman called Jo, how could he guess that the next 25 years would be extraordinary? A pair of Hansel and Gretel misfits, their on and off relationship is a classic story of 'can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em'. As Mike copes with Jo's fight to overcome her own demons, she must deal with his undiagnosed high-functioning autism. It’s a tale full of humour, compassion, and the gritty realities of two people trying to cope the best they can. This is a brutally honest account of how both light and darkness can shape our lives and attempts to answer the question, 'Am I my brother's/sister's keeper?' While these are murky waters to peer through to find meaningful answers, Pocket Full is Mike’s attempt to at least find answers for himself and to find personal truth in one story, which will be concluded in an upcoming Part 2.

A Pocket Full of Days in the main follows on from Mike’s first, One of its Legs are Both the Same, in a ‘sorta, kinda’ way – so no, you don’t have to read Legs first. While the heart of Pocket Full takes place immediately after the events of Legs, it also recounts events from periods that overlap, e.g. childhood, teenage years, to provide context for the main story, particularly for those who haven’t yet read Legs.

"An amazing book with much more depth to it than first appeared. It was poignant and meaningful. Ups and downs of life, beautifully expressed on the page…." – Excerpt from Amazon review (UK and Australia) from Amazon Top 500 Reviewer posted 1st August 2018

Author: Mike Cavanagh
Mike Cavanagh is now in his sixties and has no idea how that happened. He lives with his wife, Julie, and two black cats in Bateman’s Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Three adult children, mostly left home, complete the extended menagerie. Mike writes poetry, plays guitar and composes music, is doing research on rock-wallabies, and spends far too much time playing computer role playing games. He thought he knew who he was until a diagnosis of high-functioning autism in his sixties gave him pause to rethink who he thought he was and how he got here.

A Pocket Full of Days – Part 1 is available in ebook and paperback through Amazon here and via Mike's website here.

Posted on August 15, 2018