Mr Crocodile's Cooking Class by Dianne Ellis

Mr Crocodile loves sponge cake and he’s quite excited when Mrs Crocodile suggests he learns to cook. What a wonderful idea, he can make his own cake every day!

But when he goes along to cooking classes he realises it is harder than he thinks. He burns his omelette, his scones sink, he fluffs his meringue...

Mr Crocodile is ready to give up. But Mrs Crocodile encourages him to practise his cooking and before long, he is ready for Masterchef! Mr Crocodile’s Cooking Class is a delightful story about encouragement, perseverance, and believing in yourself.

About Dianne Ellis:

I was told once by a very wise lady that you should do what makes your heart sing and for me, that’s writing. My first poem was published in the school newsletter when I was nine years old.

As an adult, after gaining my Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing, I had the confidence to explore my writing passion. Now, I write poetry, picture books, chapter books, short stories and, more recently, flash fiction.

My new picture book titled Mr Crocodile’s Cooking Class was launched in December last year, and I look forward to sharing this with my young readers.

Mr Crocodile’s Cooking Class is published by Brolga Publishing and can be purchased through most bookstores and Booktopia. Visit Dianne’s website to see more of her books and keep up to date with events and blogs!

Posted on September 19, 2018