Sophie's Violin by GJ Maher

A terrorist bombing in a popular tourist resort kills many and injures many more. One lucky survivor, an accomplished violinist, adapts to her new life in a wheelchair and pursues her goals of healing the turmoils in the world around her.

Sophie’s Violin explores the Bali bombings, the madness of war and expecting children to fight in them. This is a story that finds hope and inspiration in the darkest times of human history. Sophie’s Violin is a story of a determined young woman who has experienced unimaginable trauma achieving something greater than she could ever dream of and making a positive difference to the world.

About GJ Maher:

GJ Maher has travelled extensively through Asia and Africa and has worked as a SCUBA instructor, freelance journalist and aerial photographer. Geof has returned to Africa on numerous occasions to assist in water improvement and the construction of schools. He has written for magazines both in Australia and abroad, and these days, spends his time on the NSW far south coast with his partner.

Sophie’s Violin can be found on Amazon. GJ Maher has also published Moon Over the Mediterranean which can be found on Booktopia. Visit Geof’s website to learn more about his work and stay up to date with events.

Posted on October 17, 2018