The Field of Hum by Jon Gamble

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Everyone at school thinks Ruby is a nerd.

While other teenagers are texting each other, Ruby has her nose in a stuffy, old poetry book. Go figure!

But when Ruby starts to have conversations with her cat, people begin to worry. Their worry changes to wonder when Ruby, through some mysterious magic, says she can save her family’s farm from being ruined by the mining company. Nerdy has turned into awesome! But then to everyone’s amazement, Ruby announces on TV that she is now going to save the whole Shire from ruin! Her cat has told her what she must do. Now she is totally cool. Even the school bully wants to be like her. And the adults notice something very different about her. What secret does she know? And what’s it got to do with her cat? And what did she find in the old poetry book? And why are her farm animals behaving so strangely?

The Field of Hum is a gentle animal story, reminiscent of Dick King-Smith or EB White. Humorous farm animals, the menace of mining in a rural community and the struggles of a young girl who’s different from her classmates are woven together with the quiet pleasures of poetry and meditation to create a story that will appeal… Charmingly illustrated in a quality edition.”- Madeline Oliver from

Author: Jon Gamble

Jon wrote his first novella at the age of 12. At age 15 he won the local short story competition in his home town. He studied Arts/Law at Monash University, with honours in History. He is the author six non-fiction books. The Field of Hum is his first published novel, and his first work for younger readers. He lives on a little farm with his wife and daughter, and animals, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

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The Field of Hum, written by Jon Gamble and published by Karuna Publishing is available for purchase at: and https://shop.karunahealthcare....

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Posted on March 21, 2018