Cool Poems by Kate O'Neil

Cool Poems

A collection of 113 poems suitable for reading or performance by both primary and secondary students. Published by Triple D Books Wagga Wagga, 2018. Illustrated by Christina Booth.

Poems are arranged under the following headings: Happy Living Things / In Australia / Play / Stories / Portrait Gallery / Speaking Your Mind / Light and Dark / What are Words Worth? / On Reflection.

This collection is part of a Triple D Reciter Series (all Australian) which includes collections by Colin Thiele, Bill Scott, Max Fatchen, Christobel Mattingley and Anne Bell. The series is published by Triple D books, Wagga Wagga.

The book includes poems which have been successful in international competitions and included in prestigious print anthologies such as Pan Macmillan’s ‘Happy Poems’ ed Roger McGough, Otter-Barry’s ‘Moonstruck’ ed Roger Stevens, The Emma Press’s ‘The Head that Wears a Crown’ and ‘Let in the Stars’, the anthology of selected poems from the Manchester Writing for Children Prize.

Dianne Bates reviewed the book on her Buzz Words Books blog on Sunday 23 December 2018: "One of the first poems in the book under ‘Happy Living Things’ was a short free form poem with a fine image that sticks in my mind. This is in ‘Slug’, where O’Neil writes, … ‘how is it that your/loathsome taper/makes this/exquisite/tracery of silver script...’. Beautiful! I urge you to get your hands on this book, so you can read poems like this with such memorable imagery."

The book is available from Collins bookshop, Thirroul or through my website 162pp rrp $25

Posted on July 30, 2019