Seven Signs by Cathy Beresford

About Seven Signs

Bullied as a child, it is at work that Eve Featherstone confronts a narcissistic boss and finds she is suddenly sacked during the GFC.

Throughout the story, her friend supports her through the roughest of moments but through turmoil and life changing moments she finds peace and salvation where it is least expected.

A few twists and turns in this book keep the reader interested as Eve tackles some unexpected moments.

Seven Signs is a women’s general fiction with a romance sideline.

A story with a message, Seven Signs tackles areas like the Me Too movement and bullying in the workplace as well as the history of early Aboriginal slaughter by the whites.

Author Biography

Cathy Wagner is the author of Seven Signs under the author name of Cate Beresford.

Cathy grew up on a small farm outside of Sydney and moved with her husband to a hobby farm in Thirlmere where she taught at the local primary school and raised two beautiful children, now living in Camden.

Book Category: Fiction/Romance

Book Publisher: Balboa Press

Posted on December 04, 2019