Beneath the ROSH by Lisa MacLeod

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About Beneath the ROSH

In present-day Australia, like many countries, children must be at risk of significant harm (ROSH) to get a response from child protection. If a child meets ROSH, they will get a protective response. If a child doesn’t meet ROSH, they won’t.

Paige is a typical young girl living with her mother, father and sister, Lily. Together, she and her best friend Sam are about to start high school, make friends, learn about relationships and start their journey through adolescence.

Both girls lives are dramatically altered, and their circumstances increasingly deteriorate. However, they remain beneath the ROSH. Paige and Sam are forced to rely on their young combined resources to survive.

Author Biography

Lisa Macleod lives in southern NSW and has had a range of occupations. For the past decade, she’s worked with young homeless people, and this has been the inspiration for her first novel, the first in a series about three young girls journeys into, and experiences of homelessness. Her goal is to raise awareness of youth homelessness and for readers to know how this might feel if it happened to someone they know and love.

Book Category: Contemporary Fiction

Book Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers.

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Posted on February 19, 2020