Kingsley the Cross-Eyed Kookaburra by Dianne Ellis

Kingsley The Cross Eyed Kookaburra

About Kingsley the Cross-Eyed Kookaburra

Kingsley is born cross-eyed so flying in a straight line is a real challenge but through determination, he teaches himself to fly properly and ends up saving his brother from the clutches of an eagle. Kingsley becomes a true hero of the bush.

Author Biography

I was told once by a very wise lady that you should do what makes your heart sing and for me, that’s writing.

My first poem was published in the school newsletter when I was nine years old.

As an adult, after gaining my Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing, I had the confidence to explore my writing passion. Now, I write poetry, picture books, chapter books, short stories and more recently flash fiction.

My fifth picture book Kingsley the cross-eyed Kookaburra will be published in December 2019 and will be available in shops after January 2020. Personally signed books for little loved ones will be available before Xmas via

Book Category: Fictional Picture Book

Book Publisher: Brolga Publishing

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Posted on January 22, 2020