The SCWC is a not-for-profit cultural organisation and has DGR (Donations and Gift Recipient) status. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

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The SCWC is a not-for-profit organisation and largely depends on the generosity of individuals. Fundraising and donations play a vital role in our ability to achieve our goals. The support we receive underpins the SCWC literary programs, including programs for youth, women, Indigenous people and people with culturally and linguistically diverse writers and readers.

Patrons of the SCWC

Sharon Bird Photograph

Sharon Bird, MP Federal Member for Cunningham: 'Mary Poppins' - Patron of the SCWC Office

Sharon Bird is a Federal Member for NSW with a vested interest in the needs and feelings of the younger generation, and a desire to see the world of politics more directly address their concerns. She was a TAFE and high school teacher prior to entering the public service, and now focuses on national issues such as Medicare, Centrelink, taxation, higher education, immigration and citizenship. The work she has done in raising awareness of university debt and the decreasing affordability of housing—coupled with her campaign to save Warrawong Centrelink—is truly commendable. As a not-for-profit literary arts organisation with a similar focus on social inclusion, we are thankful for her efforts as our ‘Patron of the SCWC Office’.

Ryan Park 4

Ryan Park, MP Member for Keira: ‘Robert Louis Stevenson’- Patron of the SCWC Insurance

Ryan Park has been the Member for Keira since 2011, after attending Wollongong University where he completed his Bachelor of Education (BEd (Hons)), and Master of Education— Leadership and Management (Med). He also received the University Medal from Wollongong University in 2000. He went on to work as a high school teacher at Lake Illawarra High School then worked in the Department of Education as a Curriculum Adviser before starting his career as a political adviser from 2004 to 2009. He was then Deputy Director General for Transport NSW before being elected as the Member for Keira.

Mr Park currently serves on the Transport and Infrastructure Committee. Ryan has served on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Crime Commission. He has also been a Member of the Staysafe joint standing committee on Road Safety.

His dedication to regional development, education and finance—and most importantly, his representation of passionate reformers who have had a positive impact on our community—is what made him the perfect patron to approach for our organisation. His response encapsulated everything we strive for here at the SCWC: ‘I look forward to working with all members and supporting the fantastic opportunity this not-for-profit literary arts organisation provides writers in the Illawarra’.

Paul Scully Photograph

Paul Scully, MP Member for Wollongong- 'Gandalf'-- Patron of the SCWC Internship Program

Paul Scully has been a Member for Wollongong since November 2016, and his family has lived in Wollongong for three generations. His passion for protecting current jobs—and creating opportunities for future jobs—is a commitment that is widely appreciated, and harmonises with our own values as a small arts organisation. He was recently appointed the Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Institute for Innovative Materials at the UOW Innovation Campus, and through this saw firsthand how dedicated the students and teachers of UOW are. Paul has worked tirelessly against the Liberal Government’s cuts to hospitals and TAFE, understanding just how important quality healthcare and education are for our local community. In addition, Paul was actively involved in the Wollongong Community Building Partnership Grants, distributing $300 000 worth of funding to community groups with dedicated volunteers. All of these factors made Paul the ideal ‘Patron of the SCWC Internship Program’, and we are eternally grateful for his contribution.

Colin Markham, Former MP, Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary for Aboriginal Affairs - Patron of the Aboriginal Literacy program

Donors of the SCWC

  • Aunty Barabara Nicholson (2016–2018)
  • Ron Pretty (2016-2018)
  • Jack Baker (2017-2018)
  • Catherine McKinnon (2017)
  • Colin Markham (2017)
  • Gabrielle Jones (2017)
  • Kerri-Jane Burke (2017)
  • Moira Kirkwood (2017)
  • Sturt Cottage (2017)
  • Rhiannon Hall (2016-2017)
  • Community Underwriting (2016)
  • Jack Baker (2016)
  • John Muk Muk Burke (2016)
  • Linda Godfrey (2016)
  • Luke McNamara (2016)
  • Merlinda Bobis (2016)
  • Paul Sharrad (2016)
  • Rick Moore (2016)
  • Rie Natalenko (2016)
  • Steven Vasilakis (2016)
  • Treva Taylor (2016)
  • Valerie Harwood (2016)