The SCWC is a not-for-profit cultural organisation and has DGR (Donations and Gift Recipient) status. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

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The SCWC is a not-for-profit organisation and largely depends on the generosity of individuals. Fundraising and donations play a vital role in our ability to achieve our goals. The support we receive underpins the SCWC literary programs, including programs for youth, women, Indigenous people and people with culturally and linguistically diverse writers and readers.

Donors of the SCWC

  • Aunty Barbara Nicholson (2017)
  • Catherine McKinnon (2017)
  • Colin Markham (2017)
  • Gabrielle Jones (2017)
  • Jack Baker (2017)
  • Jack Baker (2017)
  • Moira Kirkwood (2017)
  • Ron Pretty (2017)
  • Aunty Barabara Nicholson
  • Community Underwriting
  • Jack Baker
  • John Muk Muk Burke
  • Linda Godfrey
  • Luke McNamara
  • Merlinda Bobis
  • Paul Sharrad
  • Rhiannon Hall
  • Rick Moore
  • Rie Natalenko
  • Ron Pretty
  • Steven Vasilakis
  • Treva Taylor
  • Valerie Harwood


  • Paul Scully, MP Member for Wollongong- 'Gandalf'-- Patron of the SCWC Internship program
  • Sharon Bird, MP Federal Member for Cunningham- 'Mary Poppins'-- Patron of the SCWC Office
  • Colin Markham, Former MP, Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary for Aboriginal Affairs - Patron of the Aboriginal Literacy program