In 2012, we at the South Coast Writers Centre initiated an internship program with the aim to provide professional development for tertiary students from the University of Wollongong (UOW).

Many young writers, after having finished their degree in Creative Arts, lack the opportunity to transition from studies to a profession in the arts industry. The South Coast Writers Centre’s internship program seeks to address this gap by immersing students in a dynamic creative environment, where they will learn to think critically about the arts, about history, and about contemporary life. Since 2014, the SCWC has also been hosting Business students (Marketing and Management) as part of the UOW internship program, providing students with opportunities to assist in project management, marketing strategies and business-related organisation.

UOW Interns

The SCWC is the official host of the internship program of the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, and the Faculty of Business at UOW. Here, new interns are able to gain credit points as well as receive training in practical skills pertaining to an arts organisation during their three-month internship.

SCWC Interns

The SCWC offers UOW graduates an ongoing opportunity to hone their skills and gain practical work experience in a field relevant to their chosen career, e.g. as editor, publisher, journalist, writing tutor, etc. This way, they go on working in an arts organisation to sustain their creative practice.

Please contact the Director for further information: Contact us or phone 4228 0151