A Pot of Gold: Say It Sing It

Event recap by Samantha Mansell

Sing It Say It June 3

Despite the rain – and with thanks to Pot of Gold Mexican Cantina – the second Say It Sing It event was absolutely fantastic, with a great turnout and excellent entertainment. There's nothing quite like the sound of rain mixed in with the scent of melted cheese and guacamole combined with a shared love of music and spoken word to bring people together.

Bella Luna's poetry was stunning and thought-provoking. I particularly loved the callback to the anthem as a commentary on refugees, and the expended metaphor of the mermaid in "Breathe". Kenny Bartley had sangria up my nose as he recalled the struggle of growing up a 'ranga' and the arial assault of pelicans. Hearts melted with Damo backed up Kenny on the bongos, and all the open mic performances were endearing, enthusiastic and charming. Congratulations to Emily Crocker for winning the open mic competition!

For more info on this crazy combination of music and poetry, check out our previous post. You can find all future dates for Say It Sing It there as well!

Written by SCWC

Posted on June 16, 2016