A Taste of Wollongong

Creative tasting by Adara Enthaler

Eat Street Market 2

Strolling around Wollongong Mall is particularly pleasant on a Thursday afternoon, when the stallholders of the Eat Street Food Markets are well and truly set up and cooking, and the medley of aromas waft outward to the surrounding streets.

As you get closer, you can start to hear the local musical act of the night, usually doing acoustic covers of pop songs, mixed in with their own original pieces. A soft, lilting voice croons out Hotline Bling as families idle past stalls selling bratwursts, dumplings, poutine, and crepes. Kids hang off elbows begging for waffles and potato on a stick, and teens alternate between late night shopping and international snacking.

From the other side of the counters, I can attest that the vibe is just as cheerful. Cooks, butchers, and bakers from all corners lean around tarps and hop over extension cords to swap stories, leftovers, and emergency change. On hot nights, someone might run off to buy a cold beer and a few plastic cups to share it around, and despite the busy nights, there isn’t an irritable expression or sharp tone come pack up time.

Every week, people show up to the market that have never been but are sure to return. More and new different food stalls are constantly being added to the rows of the market, offering more delicious variety. The market is also a brilliant opportunity for local and independent businesses, many of whom who had to struggle through the turmoil of the Wollongong mall construction over the past few years.

Watching the market grow in size and popularity, it’s comforting to see that our city still values culture and creativity in our seaside community.

Written by SCWC

Posted on May 25, 2016