Current Exhibitions at Wollongong Art Gallery

Exhibition overview by Sofia Casanova

Wollongong Art Gallery Exhibitions

Wollongong is thriving with local art and culture – such things can be seen on display at the Wollongong Art Gallery. This month, there are a few exhibitions worthy of your time and creative mind.

The Shimmer Shellwork exhibition, curated by Tess Allas, Darrell Sibosado and Tahjee Moar, presents the expanse of shell-working traditions in Indigenous Australia across time. This community-led craft is intimate, and the curators' talk details the art being of delicate beauty and fine craftsmanship. The exhibition is available until March 6.

There is also a writing competition being held in conjunction with the South Coast Writers Centre and Wollongong Art Gallery. The competition, Empty Shells Are Full of Stories, is all about shells. Read more on our Facebook page.

The Sensorism exhibition is an interactive display of contemporary art where the five senses are stimulated. The art can be heard, touched, smelled, tasted and it is a sensational experience. The exhibition will be displayed until February 21.

Jelle Van Den Berg Credo (Nine Lives), running from October 31 to February 14, refers to a watercolour named ‘Credo’ in which the artist describes his beliefs of work and process.

These displays, all works which capture the unique landscape of the Illawarra, include pieces by Jasmin Carter, Ashley Frost, Noel McKenna, Margaret Morgan, Frank Nowlan, Lloyd Rees, Paul Ryan, Garry Shead and Guy Warren. 

Written by SCWC

Posted on February 12, 2016