Have a Holly Jolly Holiday

By Martin Veres

Oh, the weather outside is… oppressive. Once again we are reminded that seasonal holidays don’t translate especially well for us here in the southern hemisphere. This makes the threatening promise of coal in our stockings doubly undesirable, since we probably won’t be able to make much use of it for at least another six months.

Oh well.

This is our final address for the year, and there’s not a whole lot left to say except that we hope you have a well-deserved break. Be festive, be merry, be all that good stuff. If you don’t do Christmas, then do whatever you do. It’s the end of the year. Have a break. Unwind. Try not to think about certain things that might have happened overseas. You’ll spoil your appetite (as well as any conception of the future being rooted in causality that you might have [foolishly] entertained). Ho ho ho!

Before wrapping up though, it would be pretty remiss of me not to mention our lovely gala dinner, which some thirty or so of us enjoyed earlier this month. A fair bit of planning and prep work went into organising the event, so it was great to see it all come together so smoothly in the end, and to see so many enthusiastic supporters of our centre there too!

Gala Dinner

Photo by Adara Enthaler

As undoubtedly countless emails and newsletters have informed you previously, the dinner was held on 1 December at the Postman’s Quarter in Thirroul, which is quite the snazzy venue, and it was a cracker of a night. First and foremost, the food was exceptional, and included something like five or six entrées (I’m embarrassed to say I lost count; I was in feast mode), an entire roast duck, and shoulder of lamb. The folks at the Postman’s Quarter really put together an amazing menu, and I suspect we might be going back there in the years to come.

The entertainment left nothing to be desired either. Harry Laing took centre stage first, and took a bite out of everything from One Nation to Donald Trump (his performance included, of course, the obligatory wig). At various stages of his act, he even brought in a firehose and a toy monkey. I won’t elaborate, but I’ll let you use your imagination. Shortly after Harry, Gabe Journey Jones served up her longest performance poetry piece to date, and really brought the evening home. Her rhythmic stylings (“let me know if I’m going too fast”) covered a range of themes from identity and art to the power of self-expression, and she even managed to pull one dauntless participant from the crowd (a ‘Foxy,’ I believe) to try her hand at some freestyle spoken word poetry.

The night was topped off by the big raffle draw in which we gave out some $2,000 worth of prizes, and even our silent auction managed to make a little noise, with the night’s MC, Garry McDougal, taking home the Arts Law membership. Our director, Rike, had her name pulled three times, I believe, from the ticket pool, but was gracious enough to allow her subsequent prizes to go to other guests. That’s the Christmas spirit, Rike!

And that was that.

I’d like to give a massive thank you to Gabe Journey Jones, to Harry Laing, and to the staff at the Postman’s Quarter. Without you all, that night we might have been a wayward band of hungry, unentertained ne’er-do-wells, aimlessly wandering the streets of Thirroul. I’m glad it didn’t come to that.

Thanks once more to everyone who has supported the centre this year, to all the guests at the dinner, and to all the interns, and Rike, and Sandy, and everybody who helps keep our bells jingling. We’re going on break after this Thursday, 15 December (incidentally, my birthday; feel free to leave envelopes of cash under the centre’s door), and we'll be back on Monday, 23 January.

See you in 2017.

Enjoy your break.

Merry Christmas!

Written by SCWC

Posted on December 14, 2016