Meet the SCWC Blog Editors

Nicole Left And Sofia Right SCWC Interns

Hello there!

We’re the new editors of the South Coast Writers Centre Blog. We’re hoping to revamp the site with our own personal touch, showcasing what the Illawarra has to offer in the way of arts and cultural life. We’ve both spent our fair share of time in Wollongong and fallen in love with the area. Join us as we explore markets, exhibitions and all things artsy in the Gong.

Check out below to find out a little more about us.

~Nicole and Sofia
SCWC Interns

Nicole is a writer, a (really) amateur slam poet and pop culture enthusiast. She’s very confused by people who make a bad cup of tea and spends her free time writing articles and reviews about all sorts for the interwebs. In 2016, she’ll venture out into the world as a now-graduated arts student and maybe figure out along the way how to be an adult. Taking some time off to travel around the UK, she hopes to find some interesting stories to tell from the streets of Dublin or the banks of Scottish Lochs. But for now, she enjoys being the Volunteer Coordinator for Wollongong Writers Festival 2016 and the better-looking half of the editing team for the South Coast Writers Centre blog. 

Sofia has loved books since she could flip pages and point at pictures. Now she is a writer, book reviewer and, sometimes, editor (for people who wish to put themselves at her mercy). She studies communications at UTS and aspires to take over the literary world. In the meantime, she is the Marketing Assistant for Wollongong Writers Festival 2016 and the cheeky half of the editing team at the South Coast Writers Centre blog. In her free time she enjoys watching TV shows, sipping lukewarm cups of tea, and taking long, relaxing baths with a good book.

Written by SCWC

Posted on February 18, 2016