Take a Walk on the Arts Side

Event Recap by Nicole Langridge

Nocturnal Arts

Art doesn’t just belong on the wall! This week Viva La Gong turns the streets into an interactive delight, kicking off its very first Nocturnal Art experience.

From February 17 to 20, people could wander through a series of artworks and performances at different pop-up locations, hidden in alleyways or above shop fronts.

Pop-up performances included digital design and projection, invisible theatre, durational dance and/or music and could even adapt to suit audience interaction!

If you were lucky to catch this week's performance, you may have seen the performers from Static of the Radio as they danced non-stop for two hours! And just to take it one step further? Their audience could change the songs or tempo as they pleased and watch them try to keep up.

But don't worry if you missed out this week because Nocturnal Arts is a three-week event!

Week 2 will be running from February 24 to 27. And the third and final week will be hitting up the streets from March 2 to 5. 

Stay tuned for when blog editors Nicole and Sofia check out what Week 2 has to offer and let you know about their experience right here!

Written by SCWC

Posted on February 19, 2016