Enough Said About 2 Wrongs?

Interview by Amanda Craig

Enough Said is revving up their poetry slam engines for the year, starting off with American power poet duo 2 Wrongs on February 23 at Jane’s in Wollongong

Touring together in America throughout 2016, to promote their self-titled debut Chapbook, 2 Wrongs are now ready to unleash their incredible and unique poetry performances in Australia.

Both Adrienne Nadeau and Drgnflyy individually have fun and quirky characteristics they love to bring to the stage; whether it’s through personal experiences, thought process or strong emotions, over the past few years, they have both solidified their creative mark in Chicago. Adrienne is currently the Slam Master and host for PSI certified Mental Graffiti, and in 2015 she released her Chapbook: Haters on the Train Won’t Stop Me from Wearing Mini Dresses & Listening to Trap Music. Adrienne brings to the stage personal and witty poetic pieces of her own experiences, which fans find relatable.

With his theatrical background, Drgnflyy has shared the stage with The Last Poets, Still Black See, and Malik Yusef, and in 2014 he took on the role of creative director for Chicago’s Black Velvet Showcase. Drgnflyy performs emotive pieces, which he creates to find an understanding in what he is mulling over while writing his poetry.

Talking to 2 Wrongs, they reveal where they plan to tour out here in Australia, what inspired their slam poetry, and what poetic piece they are excited to perform together at Enough Said.

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Q: 2 Wrongs, 2017 has been very busy for you; touring through the US and now you’re in the land down under for the next three weeks, starting with Enough Said at Jane’s in Wollongong on February 23. How excited are you to present your slam poetry to Australian audiences?

We couldn’t be more excited. We started touring together in February 2016, so this is a great birthday celebration for 2 Wrongs. It’s incredible what poetry has allowed us to do; the fact that we can use spoken word to connect with artists on the other side of the world is thrilling.

Q: What else do you have planned while in Australia?

A LOT of shows! We learned there’s a restaurant called TWO WRONGS in Melbourne so we are excited to have a drink there. I also found a koala reserve we are going to visit. Drgnflyy is going to be performing at a Pan African/First Nation Block Party while we are here. I think, mostly, we are just excited to connect with so many new poets!

Q: Drgnflyy, you also have a theatrical background that you can easily see in the delivery of your poems – especially Her Diary, which is like a witty monologue where you put yourself into the role of a woman who is heartbroken. How do you use your theatre skills to enhance your performances?

I write to sort things out for myself - it's like literary math. Once the poem is done, so is the problem and it's impossible for me to rekindle the emotion that sparked the poem in the first place. I use my performance to walk the audience through the same thought process that I took and (depending on the piece) leave them either resolved or existentially conflicted.

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Q: Adrienne and Drgnflyy, when did you first discover slam poetry, and how did you know it was your creative calling?

We both have been doing slam poetry for many years and discovered it when we were young (Adrienne was in college, Drgnflyy had just graduated). Chicago really pushed our art forward, because we’ve been given the opportunity to connect and grow with so many amazing artists. For both of us, it allowed us to be loner writers while simultaneously being the centre of attention; so it works for us.

Q: Adrienne, your poems are immersed in personal experiences, which you deliver passionately on stage; especially with your comical yet emotive piece Condoms. What do you love about expressing your life through words?

I think it’s very easy to have weird thoughts and feel alone in them, alone in your weirdness. If there’s one thing poetry showed me, it’s that people usually share the same weird thoughts. The more embarrassing and strange, the more universal it often is. The more personal I get in my work, the more people come up to me and say how it reminded them of one of their experiences. I think being very honest has allowed me to connect with my audiences in a way I didn’t know was possible.

Q: Lastly, what poems are you both looking forward to performing at Enough Said this month?

We are most excited to share our group piece Netflix and Nah, about the civil savagery of singleness.

Want more 2 Wrongs? Watch Adrienne Nadeau's Condoms and Drgnflyy's Her Diary Below!

Condoms - Adrienne Nadeau

Her Diary - Drgnflyy

Written by SCWC

Posted on February 22, 2017