Enough Said Turns Five!

by Amanda Craig

Enough Said have a reason to celebrate this month at Jane’s in Wollongong on July 27, and that is their five-year anniversary.

A creative atmosphere of writers and budding poets, Enough Said was born out of love for local spoken word poetry workshops, along with the genius mind of Laura E. Goodin and organiser Lorin Elizabeth.

Over the past five years, the slam poetry group has held monthly gigs; Janes’s at Wollongong being their recent home. Enough Said have many talented feature poets perform, from local and national, to even international artists that go on tour in Australia.

On behalf of South Coast Writers Centre, congratulations Enough Said! Here’s to plenty more years collaborating with you.

Talking to Lorin, she reveals her favourite memories of Enough Said, gives an in-depth look into how it all began, and how the show has had an impact in Australia and beyond.

Enough Said C

Photo courtesy of Enough Said

Q: ENOUGH SAID is turning five this month, which is an exciting success for slam poetry in Australia. What does it mean to reach this milestone?

It means that the idea worked! That there is a sustainable audience for spoken word poetry in Wollongong, which is such an awesome thing! It means that Enough Said Poetry Slam has fostered passionate and dedicated poets and organisers who want to be involved as the years go on. It means we’ve found great partners and venues who love and respect what we do. For me personally, reaching five years is the reward for a lot of hard and valuable volunteer work. I’ve grown so much as a poet and organiser because of my journey with this slam and it’s so wonderful to reach a point where we can look back on all the poets and audiences we’ve met along the way and think yeah, we’ve done a good job!

Q: What inspired you to create ENOUGH SAID, how did it all start?

It all really sprang from a passion for poetry and the need for a place to share it. Laura E. Goodin was inspired to start a poetry slam at Yours & Owls (now Rad Bar) in 2012 after a spoken word poetry workshop with touring poets Joel McKerrow, Luka Lesson and Alia Gabres. Sherry Landow and I were also at the workshop and were quickly falling in love with spoken word. We realised that there was no regular poetry slam in Wollongong, so Laura knuckled down and kicked things off. Two months in, Sherry and I took over the organising and came up with the name Enough Said. I loved organising the slam and started booking in feature poets to inspire our audiences.

Since then we’ve gone from five or six people per show, to over seventy people per show and moved from Yours & Owls to Studio 19, to Anchors Aweigh, to our current home at Jane’s.

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Just another day at Enough Said...

Bonus Trivia: True or False - there are more women in this photo than in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Q: What are some memorable highlights over the years that you can recall?

When a young boy heard Harry Baker perform a maths poem on ABC Illawarra and turned up that night for his first poetry slam. Performing our first Enough Said team poem at the Inter-Uni slam for Wollongong Writers Festival. When Nina and Caz offered Studio 19 as our next venue because THEY LOVED POETRY! Lizzie and Elliot’s duet poem. Letting feature poet Bill Moran from the USA drive my car over the Seacliff Bridge when he’d never driven on the wrong side of the road before. SO MANY MOMENTS!

Q: What makes ENOUGH SAID unique in the wider Australian spoken word scene?

Location. We’re a small city and an even smaller literary/poetry community but we turn up, we buy books and we support local artists. We have a family vibe that is hard to find up in Sydney but we’re close enough for Sydney poets to call us home as well. We’ve also got a great relationship with the Canberra slam scene and have the capacity to support regional poets who can feel isolated by or pressured to join the Sydney scene. We’ve also worked our way onto the main tour circuit – travelling poets want to feature in Wollongong, even though we’re a small gig. We’re the cutest spot to stop between Sydney and Canberra.

Q: You also have international artists performing at ENOUGH SAID, including Bill Moran who will be back in Wollongong later this year (feature artist in August?). What unique and creative qualities do you think international poets bring to the local spoken word scene? 

I love booking international poets! They’re usually extremely professional, talented and inspiring. If they paid for the flight here, then they mean business. We’ve been able to share some of the best-spoken word poetry in the world with Enough Said audiences (think Buddy Wakefield, Desireé Dallagiacomo, Harry Baker), which in turn encourages us to push ourselves and be better writers and performers. Having an international poet in town creates a buzz of excitement and pride. Our community shouldn’t have to travel to Sydney for their poetry fix and to have poets choosing to perform in Wollongong is so important.

Q: Can you see ENOUGH SAID growing even bigger in the next five years?

We love filling up Jane’s every month!!! But we’re interested in expanding our reach with other branches of Enough Said. In 2017, we introduced a free monthly poetry workshop and some really cool partnership events are still to come. In the next five years, we see the organisation growing and becoming more sustainable as well as continuing to run super ace poetry slam shows!

Written by SCWC

Posted on July 26, 2017