Spoken Medicine is What I Need!

by Martin Veres

Still feeling the effects of the flu season? Calling Dr Jones!

Gabrielle Journey Jones is holding another Spoken Medicine poetry workshop, sponsored by HARP, and inspired by World AIDS Day on Sunday, 22 October, from 1.00 – 4.00pm. The workshop will be held at the Project Contemporary Art Space, Wollongong, and will cost $15 (or $10 concession).

Gabe is the co-founder of Creative Womyn Down Under, a Sydney community initiative that has helped connect women and creativity since 2006. She is also the winner of the open mic at the Word Salad launch (see her poem, Wait 'Til You See Thirroul, at the bottom of this article).

Her book, Spoken Medicine (cover art by Amalina Wallace), contains 44 poems designed to be read out loud across four chapters that deals with Gabrielle's thoughts on Freedom, Creativity, Family, and Identity. The anthology also covers intersectional feminism, and shares her experiences, and positive, proactive thoughts challenging the many levels of oppression facing women due to gender, race, ethnicity, class, ability, and sexual identity inequalities. You can contact Gabrielle and find out more about her work at www.creativewomyn.net.

The SCWC will also be running a writing competition for World AIDS Day with the theme 'Life Free from Stigma'. The competition will run until 22 November and we will be accepting poetry submissions up to 40 lines and prose of up to 750 words.

Entry cost is $5.

Please send all entries to admin@southcoastwriters.org.au.

Gabe Thumb

Wait 'Til You See Thirroul

Wait ‘til you see
The way the escarpment behind us 
Kisses the ocean beside us.
Just like new lovers 
Excited to see each other 
Eyes locked, staring in disbelief 
That they have finally found each other!
They will cling to each other
For another 40 million years
Besotted by the untameable
Effortless splendour between them 
Sparks of magic and joy 
Hanging above their heads
At night as dancing stars 
By day as the sweltering summer sun.

Wait ‘til you see
How the green of the gum trees
And the gold of the seashore 
Really are fair dinkum mates 
To anyone in times of need.
In need of shade to stop and rest 
In need of water to feel weightless 
In need of safe ears
To whisper unsafe secrets
To be spirited away with the ebb tide. 

Wait ‘til you wake in the morning
And hear the sweetest bird song 
Creating a valley of harmonies 
So gently ricocheting through
The belly of this mountain range 
That their music will drift you back to sleep. 

 Wait ‘til you see
The mesmerising tumble of sea fog clouds
Ascending their sunrise journey 
Hovering along the escarpment 
Checking over rugged bush tracks
As if searching for injured wildlife 
Before allowing the new day to begin. 

Wait ‘til you see
The translucent yellow glow of dawn
Electrify our metallic blue ocean horizon
Like a desert mirage
Shimmering its way
Towards the outstretched
Crescent arms of Thirroul Beach.

Local surfers at day break
Form a moving mandala
A joyous meditation
On the simple gifts
Of Mother Nature
Sunlight and water
Framed by the shadow
Of Mount Bulli
Wodi Wodi Land.

Wait ‘til you meet with this ocean
She is constantly moving 
But she soothes me still. 
She is grounding.
She anchors life
With her depth
Her ancient mystery.

 She dances enchanted
By incantations of moon 
Rising and falling
And returning to herself; 
Yet calling me home.

She leaves delightful patterns
In the darkest sand
At the turn of her tides
Like coded love letters
To the sentinel escarpment
Willingly and forever by her side.

Written by SCWC

Posted on September 28, 2017