WFSC Winter Writers Retreat

by Yvette Gilfillan

Picture this: falling out of bed in a tangle of covers, gulping down cold coffee, making sandwiches while the kids squeal, snatching a few moments of writing after they’ve finally gone to bed and you’re exhausted … sound familiar?

Or maybe your only chance to write is on the train on the way to work, forehead resting on the glass window, looking longingly at the misty green pastures.

There’s little ‘scope for the imagination’ in the daily grind of life, so practise some writerly self-care and give your craft—and your creativity—the attention it deserves. The WFSC Winter Writers Retreat is in its fourth year, and will run from the 20th of 22nd of July. For $275, you will get to spend a weekend surrounded by other authors and mentors in the tranquil setting of the Kianinny Bush Cottages.

These rustic homesteads are located in the stunning bushland of Tathra, so come for the getaway and stay for the tailored writing workshops, guest mentors, long periods of uninterrupted writing time, and the fun experience of sharing a cabin with a fellow author.

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Written by SCWC

Posted on June 14, 2018