​An Ever-Changing Market

Think back to a time before Amazon and self-publishing. Imagine how many people wished they could publish a book but were locked out by agents and big publishers; all the kids, professionals, and elderly that never got to realise their dream of being an author. Maybe they lacked the writing skill, the financial resources, or simply the time in their busy lives and, as a result, they were locked out of the door.

With the invention of self-publishing, that door has been unlocked. As I discussed in my last post, anyone who wishes to do so is now capable of publishing a book, and the place they’re most likely to go is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. The floodgates have been opened, meaning that the amount of books on the market has drastically risen.

This makes the world very dangerous for would-be publishers with the necessary skill, determination, and passion to be a writer. It has become that much easier for quality books to be swallowed up by search algorithms and Amazon’s vast volume of content. If a book doesn’t stand out, it will slip down into the depths and likely not be seen again.

The rise of self-publishing has made it easier for aspiring writers to get their foot in the door, but arguably much harder to forge a career out of their writing.

However, self-publishers are not doomed to fail, though it is important to remember that more work is involved and the market needs to be researched and understood if a book is going to swim rather than sink.

The emergence of so many new writers onto the playing field is the first thing to prepare for in self-publishing. Furthermore, the market will continue to change. What is popular will change, what readers want will change, what sells will change. There will be an ongoing struggle between writing what will sell and writing what you want.

In the meantime, new writers are entering the industry striving to make a name for themselves. It is a battle out there and it is more important than ever to stand apart from the crowd. How to make your writing and marketing materials stand out and be seen is exactly what I want to build on and explore in my next post.

Written by Steven Wain.

Written by SCWC

Posted on November 13, 2019