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A Creative Dream

Written by Kim Petersen.

“There are no accidental meetings between souls.” – Sheila Burke

I used the above quote to begin a topic on Soul Connections for Creativity that I wrote about in my latest collaborative book, Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind. This book was written with my friend and author, Catherine Evans, and is the culmination of our collective experiences about how we are able to find and maintain our creative flow as writers.

Have you ever given much thought to the souls you encounter along your path? Moreover, those people that touch your creative life?

People cross our paths all the time, whether it be through social meetings and mutual acquaintances, work opportunities, meeting someone by chance at an event or some other scenario. They come and go, and mostly they may drift into the background of your past, barely summoning enough effort to be thought of again.

Then sometimes our paths collide with someone special – a kindred spirit that seems to stir something deep within us as if our souls have known that person long before we encounter them.

Meeting Catherine was like that. We met when I attended one of her workshops during the Wollongong Writers Festival. I remember looking over all the workshops on offer prior to booking. I was immediately drawn to Catherine’s. I took notice of the underlying feelings that accompanied me when deciding whether to attend the event, and honestly, cannot fully articulate why, but I knew that something profound and important would result from attending. Specifically, there was a deep sensation surrounding Catherine, and that was before we had met.

It wasn’t long after that Catherine and I agreed to meet for a coffee at a local café. I remember feeling a little nervous before the meeting as I don’t tend to get out among other writers very often and I wondered if I’d have anything of interest to offer her. After all, she is a much more seasoned author than me.

Those self-doubting feelings were for nothing, though, because her presence set me at ease right away. It wasn’t long before the hours stretched over that coffee and I found myself delving into a diverse range of topics with her. We spoke shop and craft, as well as venturing into more esoteric subjects like soul connections and creativity.

Since then, Catherine and I have come together to work with author and friend, Beth Prentice on Untamed Destinies – a romantic anthology that we released for Valentine’s Day, 2019. We’ve gone onto hosting author talks at libraries, as well as hosting self-publishing workshops.

These projects and events have been extremely positive to share with Catherine, and they always pull together seamlessly. We work well together. Moreover, we soon realised that we share an insatiable interest in the mysterious, higher-creative mind.

Creative Writing Energy was one of those projects that just happened. What I mean is that once the seed was planted, the book came to together rather fast. I publish weekly articles on my blog at Whispering Ink Press. The topics I offer to my audience are diverse; sometimes intense or gritty, other times light and humorous, but always authentic. I’d been writing about imagination, love and creativity, and Aborigine Dreamtime stories. Catherine had previously written similar posts for her blog.

The day we realised that together we have something unique to offer other creatives, was the same day Creative Writing Energy burst from its seed to bask beneath the light as a newborn seedling. From there, the shoot has flourished to become something we are proud to present to you and other creative people – a book offering a wide range of alternative methods, ideas and practices to help strengthen your awareness and path toward your natural imaginative resources; your higher-creative mind.

I know what you might be thinking – “woo-woo” right?

But before you dismiss this knowledge as mystical conundrum, I want you to take a moment to contemplate this:

Imagine the intricate layers that make up your mind. When we consider that cognitive neuroscientists claim that only 5 percent of our brain is conscious while the rest lies beyond our awareness, that leaves the vast space of our brains uncharted. That is a seriously mind-blowing observation that begs the question: For what purpose does this exotic area of our brain exist?

I believe this area of our brain remains a mystery for a good purpose. It exists as a dynamic space for the soul to occupy and act as a conduit, bridging our connection to the higher realms and to a higher intelligence. This is the part of our brain that thinks in the expression of form such as images, memories, underlying desires and creativity. It is also the part where we can discover the pathways that lead us to glorious realms – the highest part of ourselves that defines our existence; the obscure and mystic higher-creative mind.

Unlocking your higher-creative mind and crossing the threshold into this magical inner realm is where you can tap into that mysterious space within you and transcend into the creative zone of the higher planes. This is your domain for creating and manifesting; the place where your story ideas thrive along with your imagination and waits for you to channel inspiration.

Putting it like that doesn’t sound too “woo-woo” does it?

The truth is, taking a peek into something that already exists within you can only enrich your creative life, uplift your energy and strengthen your self-awareness. Sometimes, we have to stretch our perception, dream a little bigger and acknowledge the limitless beauty that abounds within.

Release your dream to the world.

The world needs its artists. By raising your own vibration and embracing the mystical currents and allowing them to flow through you and into your stories, you are helping to transcend the human condition into magical realms.

Like electricity flowing through wire. Only the zap is a remedy.

Written by SCWC

Posted on July 31, 2019