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Loopholes Thumb

Loopholes by Susan McCreery

Loopholes is a collection of 67 microfictions, each told in under 250 words: stories of typical humans – flawed, vulnerable, frustrating and frustrated – making their way through life in a variety of miniature worlds. Told with empathy and wit and honed with a wordsmith’s skill, Loopholes makes us see ourselves and each other differently.

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Lethal Inheritance Thumb

Lethal Inheritance by Tahlia Newland

The kidnapping of her mother sends Ariel on a quest into a hidden realm populated by demons who feed on fear. To save her mother she must harness the explosive power of her mind and defeat the Master Demon. Is she the one to fulfil an ancient prophecy and save the human race?

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Secret Thumb

The Locksmith's Secret by Tahlia Newland

Ella’s boyfriend Jamie seems to be her perfect match until a death in the family calls him back to England and it becomes clear that he’s hiding something. Can their relationship survive the revelation of something so astounding that it completely changes Ella’s perception of him and his place in her world?

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